As the social media manager at Corridor13, I help our clients use social media platforms to connect their company with their target audience. Connecting clients to their target audience builds relationships, which then creates a community for their brand. Communities allow audiences to become subscribers, fans, and followers, which in turn leads to more referrals and sales. This also allows for clients to stay connected during their travels, events and conferences.


I enjoy working with small business owners and entrepreneurs. As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of understanding the unique characteristics and needs of each individual client. Therefore, I make sure the work I produce is a reflection of their company and their products/services. I am also adaptable to any situation I am in, allowing me to switch gears and think like a CEO to helping set up itineraries, programs and products for events.


Everything I have done, or continue to do, has led me to what I love doing: being a social media manager and coordinator. My previous types of work include being a brick-and-mortar beverage & arts gallery owner, freelance and event photographer, marketing agent for nonprofit organizations and event coordinator for International Bigfoot Conference, which will be going on its fifth successful year. Now, as a social media manager, I am currently working with several large businesses, directly with prime networks, with celebrities for press releases, and am doing social page building for personal and fan-based clients.


We all get exhausted with creativity sometimes, but we cannot stop updating our social media accounts. I understand that spending hours in front of the computer to perform updates can be frustrating. Often times, business owners do not have enough time in the day, but it is a necessary task for their company. Posting on social media to market your products and services can be difficult for the free creative spirit of an entrepreneur as it can strip one of their valuable time.


Allow me to take some of this burden off your schedule. You do not have to feel like you have abandoned your audience. We can work together to build a relationship and to stay connected with your fans, followers, and potential customers.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this service.