All of our presenters are from different professional backgrounds with a tremendous amount of experience and talent behind them. 

Not all bookings will require a 'second person' to travel with them for 'handling' the times and appearances expected at the events. But when needed, it is necessary to facilitate the details of setting up a table, keeping the presenter on schedule and helping with autographs, photo 'ops' and merchandising at the tables.

Not everyone listed has the same price for their individual Honorarium, there are several things that have to be considered for any and all bookings, which will be discussed throughout the booking process.

  1. Flights to and from your event will need to be provided with reasonable flight times in and out.

  2. All flying must be discussed prior to booking (No Main Cabin Booking)

  3. A Per Diem for meals for each day to include travel days (usually $50 per day)

  4. Travel to and from airport at event location must be provided and an additional Per Diem for cab fare or parking for those who choose to drive them selves form home to their own airport. 

  5. Reasonable Hotel arrangements will need to be provided by the organizer whether it is one room or two to accommodate the Road Assistant for all nights anticipated for the event.

  6. At the event there will need to be at least one table with chair(s) for meet and greet and display of photos, books, DVD's and/or merchandise. 

  7. Presenters will be made available for the majority of the event with reasonable (Recharge Time) quiet space to organize and rest. This is necessary for our Professionals to put themselves out there with a fresh smile and give the audience what they came for. 

  8. Actual presentations can run for roughly an hour, but this is negotiable depending on the time expected. Some of our talented Professionals are willing to MC an event but again, that too is negotiable.